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Quotes Hi Madelaine I met you a few years ago at a writers breakfast and bought your book. Since then I have read it four times at least. How can you tell I love it? I told you that I would let you know when I finished writing mine. It is at long last finished. The title is Waltzing With Dad A Gift Of Legacy. It is on Amazon but you must use the R in my name if you want to look it up. I also have a few copies here I am sure you know what that's like. I haven't been able to promote my book because I need a knee replacement and an having difficulty walking. Oh Joy! Do you still go to the writers Meetings? Say Hi to Fred and his wife. Take care. Janet Quotes
Janet R Penner

Quotes I enjoyed your book. My husband picked it up and flipped through it and guess what - he sat right down and began reading it. He loves history and thoroughly enjoyed it. His first comment was, "She is an excellent writer!!" Quotes
Laural Grimes

Quotes I just finished your book! Couldn't put it down! Thank-you. Quotes
Rebecca Harkis

Quotes Madelaine, bravo!! What an amazing read. The story of your mother and family is the story of the Canadian west, but also the story of unique individuals. My 92 year old mother also raved about the book. I loved the last page. It was perfect. Quotes
Barbara Lansing

Quotes I wanted you to know that I read Cradling the Past and I was captivated. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your family history and your mother's life - your writing is interesting and always left me wanting to read was hard for me to put the book down. Quotes
Keely Wray

Quotes I found the book Cradling the Past very informative about life on the prairies during the Depression and beyond. It is filled with heart warming stories and sad, overwhelming accounts of struggles of a very large family coping with autism and the inevitable depression that often accompanies it. The author speaks with such candor about growing up amid chaos yet with so much love and respect for her devoted parents. Quotes
Patti Anderson

Quotes There is a saying that a library is lost each time an old person dies. Madelaine listened to stories her aging mother told. Cradling the Past depicts a most amazing era, from dirt poor pioneer days to late 20th century Alberta. It follows the hopes, hurts, joys and storms of a little country girl growing up in a poor family, becoming a teacher, mother of ten children, then a widow in a nursing home. Quotes
Rita Zak

Quotes What a gift to your family Cradling the Past is - I also see it as a gift to us all as Canadians as it was fascinating to read how the early prairie settlers lived. It also gave me a new appreciation for all the riches and blessings we have now. Thank you for investing so much of your time, energy, and heart int writing this wonderful book. Quotes
Joanne Bright

Quotes I stayed up till 3 a.m. one night reading Cradling the Past. Found the story funny and sad and liked the writing very much. I think your production was very accomplished. Quotes
Maureen Ranson

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