Madelaine Shaw-Wong


A fun time was had by all at the launch of Quietus at Owl's Nest Book store in Calgary, Alberta. Here, we're playing "Name that Dictator."

My interview with Beatroute Magazine:

"As a society we have tried (with varying levels of success) to give life and death dignity and meaning, even if meaning is just a striving for something better. Dystopian novels like Madelaine Shaw-Wong’s second full-length novel Quietus add depth and tangibility to the nagging suspicion that this society, and its future, is just one boob job (or baby skin transplant in Shaw-Wong’s world) away from selling its soul to a devil of its own creation."    

Please read some reviews of Quietus under the Speculative Fiction heading.

Sample of Quietus

Chapter One

Summer War

Piter Dram stepped out of the basement and into a nightmare. A gaping hole had been blasted through the front wall of his parents' house. Every window was shattered. The back door hung crookedly on its hinges. The kitchen table, where last night they shared a meal, was in splinters. The sun shone on Piter's face through a gap in the ceiling where his bedroom used to be. He felt like he was looking at the scene through a mist. His parents and brother emerged after him and stood frozen in their spots; their bulging eyes scanned the destruction.

His father was the first to speak. "Let's see what we can salvage."

Piter's brother, Hadar, kicked aside what used to be the door of the pantry and picked up some cans, putting them into a backpack.

Pages of Piter's notebook lay scattered. His chest tightened. He stooped, gathered some, glancing at what he had been studying last night, Polymers of monosaccharides that are connected by dehydration reaction... His biochemistry final was supposed to be today, his last exam before completing medical school. He had attained one of few medical residency spots at Covona University Hospital. Many years and much effort had been expended to make his dreams come true. Last week, Solime had declared war on his country.

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